The Irish House

The Irish House is hoping to spread a little Irish charm to the community. Locals, students, tourist and Irishmen meet for jam sessions at the restaurant to play for its customers.

The Irish House is located at 1432 St. Charles Ave. where musicians meet every Monday to play and sing Irish tales.

Fiona Howell,a Music Industries junior at Loyola, said she goes to the sessions to practice playing her flute and because she loves Irish culture.

“Most Irish musicians have very strong technique when they play and their rhythm is so precise and if you miss a beat, you’re kinda screwed,” said Howell.

Another draw to the restaurant is the owner and executive chef Matt Murphy who worked for the Brennan family for several years.

Murphy said he credits his skills to working for the Brennan family in New Orleans and in countries all over the world.

According to Murphy, Irishmen are not known for being great cooks.

“When people hear I’m from Ireland, there like “wow this is a great dish and the chef’s from Ireland!“ So it’s kinda funny,” said Murphy.

Murphy said he opened his restaurant in New Orleans because he saw an opportunity for his family to grow up in a city that could use more Irish culture.

“I also have quadruplet girls and another daughter that’s two, so I have five daughters. So I thought this can be a place where Irish culture can grow and become more. You know.”

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